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                                                                   ARTIST STATEMENT

My art is tuned to the fullness of life: Repetitions, rebirths, rhythms, cycles, and seasons. I marvel at the inherent resolve of all living organisms to preserve and sustain life.  I applaud the energy of organic growth, and the resiliency of the human spirit.

I am seized by the power of the moment and my emotional response to it, a sensory impression of sight, sound, time, place, and mood.  I trust premonitions, instincts, and senses over intellect.

When I begin a painting, I may have a feeling and certain colors in mind, but no pre-conceived notion of what the painting will look like when done.  I use any medium that will afford the freedom from constraint that I seek in my art.  The work evolves intuitively.  As I become intimately involved with the painting process, my consciousness is altered.  In these moments of painterly abandonment, I find my true self.


Marjorie Law is an Abstract Expressionist artist; she paints in acrylics, inks, and liquid gouache on paper and canvas. Law was born and brought up in New York City; she thrived amidst the city’s cacophony of activity, novelty, and diversity. As a child she was enamored with art and she went, by herself, to see great art in New York’s world class museums and galleries. Her love for movement in art was founded in the restless character of her youthful environs.

Law went to nursing school on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Florida’s natural beauty and unpredictable weather patterns awakened her impassioned responses to the phenomena of the natural world.

In California, Law worked as a Registered Nurse in the operating rooms of local hospitals. By observing pulsating organs within the body, she learned about the fragility of life. When studying the ancient world, for her BA in History, she realized that time is vulnerable; she learned to savor the moment and react to it. Marjorie Law wants her own experiences of Time and Place to permeate her art.

Marjorie Law’s art career includes countless college art courses: Drawing, figure and portrait drawing and painting, printmaking, ceramics, painting, color theory, art history, painting with master painters, and two and one-half years in an MFA program at JFKU in Berkeley. She has lectured on her art at De Anza College and has been the subject of many articles about her work. She has been in a multitude of solo and group exhibitions, both regional and national, at galleries, art centers, corporations, and local museums. She has been represented by well-known galleries and is presently at Gallery 24 in Los Gatos. The Kaiser Foundation has her paintings on display as part of their collection.

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